Crio Bru - Brewed Cacao - OH SO GOOD ICED!

100% Pure Ground Cacao

Roasted, ground, and brewed just like coffee, brewed cacao has the amazing flavor and aroma of pure dark chocolate.  While it brews like coffee, you get the benefits of cacao - a superfood prized by ancient cultures for its energizing and restorative properties.

358mg theobromine   -  Less caffeine than decaf coffee  -  Zero sugar

Crio Bru's brewed cacao beverage also has theobromine, a naturally occurring stimulant found in cacao that can be longer lasting, milder, and more pleasant than caffeine.  Give it a try.  Brew our 100% pure ground cacao in your French press or coffee maker, and your kitchen will have the aroma of pure dark chocolate heaven in no time.

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