Plum Cider: Herbal Blend (Plum/Cinnamon/Elderberry)
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Plum Cider: Herbal Blend (Plum/Cinnamon/Elderberry)

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Dive into a fairy tale which has yet to be told. This tea makes a statement with a dark cup color. Large plum quarters, whole star aniseed and cinnamon rods enhance the taste experience. Flavors of sun-ripened, juicy plums combined with the magical touch of Baharat, an exciting spice blend used in Middle Eastern cuisine tastes like
a thousand magical spells.

Ingredients: hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, apple pieces, elderberries, plum quarters, cinnamon rods, star aniseed, cinnamon pieces, flavoring.

3 Sizes available:

  • 4.5 oz (approx. 28 - 36 servings) $17.29
  • 2.0 oz (approx. 10-12 servings) $8.99
  • 0.5 oz (1 serving) $2.49
Steeping instructions:
10-12 minutes   203-212 °F    2-3 level tsp./8 oz serving
Caffeine Free

*Health Benefits of this blend: Rich in antioxidants, fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune system, and reduces joint pain.

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