Tea To Boost Intimacy!

Tea To Boost Intimacy!

In the magical world of human connections, sharing tea is like a secret handshake that unlocks the door to a cozy realm of togetherness. The delicate dance of brewing, choosing the perfect blend, and sipping in harmony knits a bond of closeness and peace between hearts.

Under the spell of tea's ritual, time takes a break, creating a stage for heartfelt talks to bloom. As the tea flows into cups, it stirs a fire within, spreading warmth and understanding among those gathered for this shared moment. Each sip whispers a promise of calm, setting the scene for honest conversations and shared vulnerabilities.

The calming nature of tea creates a safe haven, wrapping everyone in a bubble of comfort that encourages walls to fall, making space for true connections to flourish. Whether bathed in the morning sun on a porch or cocooned in evening coziness on a sofa, sharing tea nurtures intimacy in a gentle and caring embrace.

So, when you want to deepen bonds with a dear friend or confidant, invite them to join you in the tea ritual. By brewing and enjoying tea together, you pave the way for deep conversations, soul-stirring moments, and stronger connections to blossom between kindred spirits.


Looking for an extra boost with your lover? We hear you! We have crafted a delicious blend called Monarch Kisses. It contains Chamomile, Hibiscus, Blueberry and Red Ginseng. Learn more about the benefits that this tea packs (especially the Red Ginseng)-

Red ginseng, revered for its numerous health benefits, has been linked to improved sexual intimacy in various studies. Known for its aphrodisiac properties, red ginseng may help enhance sexual desire and performance, leading to more satisfying experiences in the bedroom. 

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, and vitamins C & K with an even added bonus of Fiber! They pack a delicious fruity flavor to this blend! 

Adding hibiscus to this blend really gives it a tart flavor, but it also brings the advantage of improving heart and skin health! 

We don't know anyone that couldn't use something to help calm down some stress, which is why we wanted this blend to be bulked up with Chamomile! It is well known for relaxation! 

We hope you love this blend as much as we do! It is a perfect cup of tea to drink with your lover at the end of the day to help get you from busy mode, to intimacy mode quick. 


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