Assorted Herbal Flowering Tea Balls
Assorted Herbal Flowering Tea Balls
Monarch Tea House

Assorted Herbal Flowering Tea Balls

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Herbal Flower Tea Balls - The balls are pure flowers with no additives or preservatives. They are made by hot steaming the flower pieces, they are then shaped into balls and dried naturally. Not to be confused with Blooming tea balls. These are simply, purely flowers & an acquired taste.

Herbal tea ball potential benefits:

* Rose Buds:   Glowing skin & Sleep

* Jasmine: Boosts Energy & Weight Loss Aid

* Golden Chrysanthemum:  Detox, Good for eyes & liver

* Lily:  Helps cough, Detox, relieves dry throat, sleep

* Hibiscus:  Vitamin Rich, diet support & Digestion

* Carnation: Relief from Stress & Nervousness

* Mixed Flowers:  Detox, Diet support & overall

8 Teaball Glass Test Tube Assortment includes: Rose, Golden Chrysanthemum, Lily, (2)Mixed Flowers, Carnation, Hibiscus & Jasmine

Each ball makes an 18oz. teapot or more depending on the strength of tea you prefer. Each ball can steep 2-3 pots.

Packaged in a glass canister with tag and brewing instructions 

*tea pot is not included

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