Empire Peony Tea Set
Empire Peony Tea Set
Empire Peony Tea Set
Empire Peony Tea Set
Monarch Tea House

Empire Peony Tea Set

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This is a bone porcelain Set

This Set includes:

1. Tea Pot

2. Tea Cup and Saucers (2 or 4)

3. Creamer Dish

4. Sugar Bowl

When purchasing, you will need to select if you want the set with 2 tea cups or 4 tea cups. 

Pair this set with our tea pot filters or an infuser for brewing tea easily! 


Tea cups: 2.25" height x 5.25" width x 4" deep. Capacity 7oz

Saucer: 5.85"

Sugar: 3.75" height x 5.2" width x 4" deep

Creamer: 4.25" height x 5.5" width x 3.8 deep

Teapot: 5.5" height x 8.5" width x 4.25" deep   Capacity 32oz

dishwasher safe

*does not include the stand that the teapot is on in the images.

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