Penny Puppy Mug
Penny Puppy Mug
Penny Puppy Mug
Monarch Tea House

Penny Puppy Mug

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SUPER CUTE 3D PUPPY DESIGN - Your warm beverages have a new best friend! The Penny puppy mug is irresistibly adorable. Treat yourself to a fun new mug for coffee, tea and other hot drinks. You’ll want to show it off this cute mug to friends and coworkers.

WHITE AND PINK CERAMIC WITH METALLIC SPOTS - White ceramic and metallic gold create a beautiful contrast that highlights the puppy dog design. Pink ceramic interior adds a level of warmth and coziness to every sip, no matter what you’re drinking.

PERFECT GIFT FOR DOG LOVERS - Chances are that you know a dog lover who would get great use out of this mug. Provide a lifetime of smiles with an easy gift idea for animal lovers, or anyone who likes collecting fun mugs.

CUTE SURPRISE AT THE BOTTOM - Being adorable isn’t just about what’s on the outside. When you finish your tea or coffee, you’ll see the word “love” in a cute script inscribed on the bottom of the pink ceramic interior. It’s all about the little touches!


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