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Sweet Lemon - Herbal (Cranberry/fig/spirulina)

Sweet Lemon - Herbal (Cranberry/fig/spirulina)

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A “super” fruit tea offering a harmonious cup without any added flavors. Fruity and sweet, but at the same time with a touch of mild tanginess, this fruit tea with lemongrass, cranberry, fig and spirulina is a real hype for the summer! 

Ingredients:  apple pieces, sour apple pieces (apple pieces, acidifying agent: citric acid), lemon grass, Cranberry Crunchy (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), stevia leaves, freeze-dried apple-Spirulina Crunchy (Apple puree concentrate with antioxidant agent: ascorbic acid, spirulina platensis), orange peel, freeze-dried fig pieces, mountain everlasting, sweet blackberry leaves, lemon verbena.

3 Sizes available:

  • 4.0 oz (approx.36 - 48 servings) $16.29
  • 1.5 oz (approx. 6 - 12 servings) $6.99
  • 0.3 oz (1 - 2 servings) $2.49
Steeping instructions:
5-10 minutes   203-212 °F    2 - 3 level tsp./8 oz serving
Caffeine Free

*Health Benefits of this blend:

Spirulina: rich in nutrients, powerful anti-inflammatory properties. May lower cholesterol and blood pressure and could support blood sugar control. 

Mountain Everlasting: relieves cough and ease mucus 

Blackberry Leaves: Soothes sore throat and inflamed gums. Eases diarrhea and aids digestion. Beneficial for menstruation and pregnancy. 

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