Iced Tea Inspiration: Cool Down with New Brews

Iced Tea Inspiration: Cool Down with New Brews

There are few things as refreshing as a nice glass of ice-cold tea. Especially in the warmest months, iced tea can be just what your family dinner or neighborhood cookout needs! If you are looking to get creative and spruce up the typical flavor profiles, read on for some new ideas.

Perfect the Classic

Ok, so this isn't new, but a classic Southern-style brewed sweet tea always hits the spot! Perhaps you've heard of making laid back sun tea, by using the light and heat of the sun to brew. Simply use a ratio of one tea bag to every cup of filtered water, and place in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours, whether inside a windowsill or out on a deck table. Be sure to use a glass pitcher to avoid unwanted plastic chemicals, and implement sweeteners after brewing to prevent possible bacteria growth. To be extra safe, you can quickly boil the brewed tea before adding sugars (3/4 - 1 & 1/4 cup per pitcher). Try our Tea Tasting Kit  and choose the black tea option!

Fresh Fruit Flavors

Sometimes all you need is a new flavor spin, or to find a sweetening alternative to sugars or artificial sugars. Fruit is the answer! Adding fresh fruit can really amplify the whole iced tea experience by adding beautiful color in addition to taste, and it's so easy and customizable. Cut the fruit into small pieces or muddle a bit to release flavors into tea, either while steeping in the pitcher or once poured into glasses. Some favorites to consider:

Berries - Try with our Berried Treasure

Stone Fruits - Try with our Peach Days

Melons - Try with our Summer Sun

Tropical Fruits - Try with our Sucker Punch

Tangy Fruits - Try with our Pucker Power


Spice It Up

If you really want to branch out, go for the spicier side of the spectrum. You can bring the warm sense of holiday spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and star anise, alongside chilled tea. Use whole spices to float in a pitcher, or add in ground spices while steeping and filter, which is made easier in a teapot like the IngenuiTEA. Another great spice option is ginger, which can be added in ground or fresh sliced and allowed to infuse. You can also turn to aromatic herbs and florals, like rosemary, mint, lavender, and rose petals to elevate iced tea to a more sophisticated level.

No matter if the occasion is casual or swanky, these iced tea enhancements will be guaranteed to please. Check out our curated list of Perfect Iced Tea Blends!

Happy Brewing!


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