Older and Wiser Of Tea!

Older and Wiser Of Tea!

I have found so many positives and absolutely no negatives from drinking tea. Tea fresh from leaves are the best for you, however today I have chosen to express my love for green tea!

Green Tea 

Some Green Tea History

The popular term, older and wiser, is usually referring to the older people of our generation. With that being said, green tea is one of the eldest of tea leaves! Found in an ancient Chinese emperor's tomb, thousands of years ago, these beneficial leaves are still used today! 

Endless Health Benefits

Green tea leaves are filled with powerful antioxidants. This sweet gift from nature provides us with some protection from all sorts of diseases, such as cancer and heart problems. It also helps with energy, being one of the teas most relatable to coffee. 

This leaf is loaded with vitamin C. So if you're not a fan of pills in your vitamin intake, perhaps a cup of green tea with your avocado toast every morning would be quite sufficient!

It is said to boost brain function, increase blood flow, and lower cholesterol. The possibilities and benefits are just endless! 

Mental health problems are sadly, so very common now days. Research has shown tea to be very helpful in the fight against depression and anxiety.

A Happy Conclusion

In conclusion, who doesn't love the idea of being snuggled up by the fire with a nice hot drink. There is just something about the warm comfort of holding a mug in your hands as you hear the fire crackle and pop in the hearth. So simple and perfect. Tea is known to boost your mood, and green tea can do both that, the benefits mentioned above and so much more.  I implore you, pour yourself a cup, get cozy with a book, and make that time for yourself. Trust me it's worth it.


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