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Monarch Tea House

Green Chai: Green Tea Blend (Cardamom/Ginger/Mint/Cinnamon)

Green Chai: Green Tea Blend (Cardamom/Ginger/Mint/Cinnamon)

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This is a truly delicate and elegant Chai variety. Due to the green tea base, this blend is fresher and less intense than the black Chai. The spicy aroma of cloves and the freshness of crisped mint are the most important components in this Chai composition. Should the tea candle burn out, please do not pour the tea away, enjoyed cold it is just as delicious.    

Contains Caffeine

3 Sizes available:
  • Large ~ 5.0 oz 
  • Medium ~ 2.0 oz 
  • Sample

Ingredients: Green tea, cardamom seeds, ginger pieces, cloves, cinnamon pieces, peppermint

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