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Monarch Tea House

Rose Petal (Wellness)

Rose Petal (Wellness)

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Our premium dried rose petals offer the scent and floral flavor you know and love. A fabulous way to add a flourish of flavor to your teas, cocktails or desserts. Rose petals are a creative and romantic addition as an aromatic or for visual interest.

Ingredients: Rose petals.

3 Sizes available:

  • 1.0 oz (approx. 10-12 servings) 
  • .5 oz (approx. 4-6 servings) 
  • 0.2 oz (1 -2 servings) 
Caffeine Free
*Health Benefits of this blend include: 
Rose Petals: Stimulate mood, regulate the sleep cycle. Ease menstrual pains, boost the immune system.  
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